Step by Step Episode Descriptions

Cody moves into the house while his van/house is in the shop for repairs, and drives everyone crazy. Meanwhile, Karen decides to volunteer at the local homeless shelter so she can meet a cute guy.

“The Marrying Dude”
Through the “find a friend” section in a biker magazine, Cody meets a young woman who is raising an 8-year-old boy alone. Cody and the boy hit it off, and it isn’t long before the woman decides that Cody is the man she is looking for.

“My Bodyguard”
Cody annoys the family – especially Dana – with his weird dreams. He winds up ruining her college visit, but then saves her from being sexually assaulted at a bus station.

Cody hopes to expand his “coolness” when he joins a fraternity … but then learns one of the dudes has tried to go a little too far with Karen.

Pregnant mother Carol has excessive eating compulsions, devouring anything and all on her own, while neglecting to cook for the family…

Dana can’t believe that night-school student J.T. earned his first A-plus in class, then learns the reason had nothing to do with anything he did; the teacher wants to seduce J.T., a marginal student at best. At first, J.T. refuses to believe Dana until he realizes the truth for himself. Meanwhile, Cody’s sleepwalking and childlike behavior, which includes crawling into bed with Frank and Carol, annoys the family.

Cody has the hiccups badly, scaring him doesn’t work; Mark hypnotizes him, again no luck. Reading a murder story ‘Die, Mommy, Die’ in bed makes Carol frighteningly itchy, so Frank is sent down and catches Matt kissing Al, yet Carol reads on and gets terrible nightmares.


~ by Laura on May 20, 2009.

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