Bobo Chana, my favorite xylophonist

Hi there. Bobo Chana is great. He ranks way up there with Shwegos and Dewasyan, in my opinion. Chana was really popular in the 50s, but then sank into obscurity after he licked one too many toad’s backs. Some say they’ve seen him lurking around in the swamps of Louisiana. Others say he was originally an alien and was picked up by an intergalactic spaceship to be taken back to his home planet, Crinkle. Where ever he is, I hope he still plays those melancholic xylophone melodies.

Some more of my work.


“Currently…” – Pencil on paper, 2009


“Cats I Have Known” – Pencil on paper, 2009


~ by Laura on March 9, 2009.

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