Quigley: An Angelic Tail

Ok I warned you and here it is…a post all about that silly sick little movie starring Gary Busey as a Pomeranian. He died, and was given a second chance in the dog’s body to make up for his sins as a human. I haven’t seen this film, but the PR surrounding it makes my heart and my eye sockets sparkle like strawberry champagne being poured over hunks of raw salmon.

Gary Busey’s take on it:

Here are some comments about the film from www.quigleythemovie.com:

Bobby V. of Orlando, FL: “My mom threw us a Quigley party cause we have a dog just like the one in the film. Everybody loves Quigley. He’s the coolest dog of any film we’ve ever seen. When the next one coming out?”

Sandra C. of Santa Fe, NM: “I’m ten years old. My dad and I had a fight in Walmart. It was his fault and when I cried he bought me a copy of Quigley so he could make up. I thought it was dumb until we got home and watched the film. I tell everyone about the film. I love Quigley. Thanks.”

Alex P of Los Angeles, CA: “I’ve watched Quigley a hundred times. Mom says I’m wearing the DVD out. Can you wear a DVD out? I hope not. Cool movie with lots of dumb and funny stuff. How did you get the dog to use the computer? Mine won’t get close to the keys.”

Katie L of Atlanta GA: “Mommy bought me Quigley and I love Quigley. I’m twelve and our dog died last year and I miss him. When I saw Quigley I told my mom that’s the kind of dog I want. Guess what? I got a golden colored Quigley for Christmas! Thanks for a great movie!”

Carolynn W from Arkansas says: “Grandma gave me Quigley for my birthday. I liked the movies lots. The guards are very funny. I liked when the angel fell in the mud, but my most favorite part was when Quigley played the computer. I liked when Quigley read the paper and the man said he was reading it. The girl and boy are good and the bad man is funny. I like my toy dog lots, thanks.”

There are many more comments on the site, but I think this sampling will have given you an idea of how great Quigley must be. If you need additional convincing, there is some merchandise available as well!

Quigley Coloring Kit

Quigley Coloring Kit

Authentic QUIGLEY Dog

Authentic QUIGLEY Dog. You can clutch him and imagine Gary Busey's soul trapped inside, trying to gnaw its way out with those big beautiful teeth.

Everyone will think I am so COOL at the Quigley party Mommy is going to throw for me.


~ by Laura on March 4, 2009.

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  1. disgusting/amazing/horrid

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