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Garlic, Garlic
Chimbly loves garlic
from thee clove
I carry it back
roasting or raw feeling
garlic you are strong
and you infiltrate


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oh hi oh
well i am sitting here
drinking a large
offered me

i am latched to a tiny
rising to thee surface
surface surface
I rite N0W!?? um

one surface, leads from
mud to water, from water
to air, from air to…
ozone layer(?) denser.
from ozone to…space.
from space to…???

another level. for
CERTAINLY what we see
can NOT be thee end!

in the pines.

Yo Whats Up

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Hey I haven’t posted here in awhile.  Well, I’m still here.

Hopefully I will be inspired to put something cool up here soon.  Until then…


Atomic Secretions

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Chimbly’s Magick Mixture #2

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Do you like E.T., Pacman, Donkey Kong, Flash Gordon or Tarzan?  How about music so horribly executed it is almost good?  Then this mix is for you!

This mixture is a compilation of songs from weird, old and obscure kid’s records.

Chimbly’s Magick Mixture #2

Chimbly’s Magick Mixture # 4

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Listen to this audio mixture and feel your ailments fade away.

Chimbly’s Magick Mixture #4


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Yo Braniacs!

Albert and I are playing a show Tuesday May 24th (tomorrow)!

It should be way too much fun so make sure to bring some paper bags to breath into.

The Scoop:

Feeding Tube Records 90 King St., Northampton, MA

Starts 10pm.